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Sod Installation

No Job Is Too Small!

At United Turf, we specialize in sod installation and know that even the smallest job can make a big impact. Whether you need new turf for a small area in a small backyard, like a town home, or just want to replace your existing sod in patchy areas of a larger yard, we’re equipped to help. Our experienced staff is trained on the latest techniques when it comes to sod installation, so you can expect quality results regardless of the size of the job. We take pride in turning any size area into a lush green lawn, no matter how small the project may be!

– Hampton Roads’s premier sod installation service

– High quality turf and grass varieties grown in perfect soil conditions

– Experienced professionals who know the best way to install your sod

– Cost effective solutions that save time and money

– Professionally maintained lawns that look beautiful all year long

– Quick turnaround from start to finish so you can enjoy your new lawn sooner

Why Choose Sod vs. Seeding??

Sodding is one of the best ways to create a lush and beautiful lawn QUICKLY. There is immediate benefits. Sodding eliminates the need to wait weeks or even months for grass seed to germinate and take root. Sod also helps prevent weeds, as it takes away the opportunity for these pesky plants to compete with grass for nutrients in the soil. Sod can also help create a uniform look, whereas seeded lawns can often have patches or other uneven areas where different types of grasses grow at different rates.

Additionally, sod has several environmental benefits over seeding a lawn. Sod helps reduce water runoff and erosion because its roots intertwine with the soil beneath it, creating a strong bond that holds onto the moisture in the ground. This makes sod a great choice for those living in Hampton Roads, as it helps protect against flooding due to heavy rains or storms.

Sod is also more drought resistant than seeding because its root system is already established prior to installation and thus has greater access to moisture and nutrients that are often not available during periods of drought stress. Furthermore, sod offers some protection from extreme temperatures compared to seeded lawns since it’s already grown and developed in optimum conditions before being installed on your property.

Overall, choosing Hampton Roads’ premier sod installation service United Turf will give you quick results that save you time and money while helping keep Hampton Roads safe from flooding due to water runoff. The experienced professionals at United Turf know how best to install your sod so that you get all of the benefits of having a healthy and luxuriant lawn without any of the difficulties associated with seeding from scratch!