Renovate Your Lawn!

United Turf can give you the lawn you’ve always wanted at a very fair price…often much cheaper than other lawn care companies. But what really sets us apart is our attention to detail and our family oriented nature of our business.

One thing that we offer that is important is preparing your lawn before we lay the sod or plant the grass seed. In order to get grass, we have to prepare the soil.

Hampton Roads Lawn Renovation Preparation

Before a homeowner can lay down sod, there is quite a bit of preparation required – everything from leveling the ground to pulling out existing weeds or grass. First and foremost, it is important to measure the area that needs sod and treat the ground accordingly (such as tilling and removing debris). Then, it has to be leveled before the sod is laid. Once leveled, an extended period of time must be taken to pull any existing weeds or grass that may remain in the soil. After these crucial steps are completed, then and only then can Hampton Roads homeowners lay down their new sod and enjoy their improved yards!

Lawn Renovation

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Sod Installation

Do you just need a patch?

Hampton Roads homeowners deserve to come home to beautiful, lush lawns. If you find yourself in need of just a small patch of grass or area to be restored in your yard, there’s no need to worry! Renovating only a part of your lawn is an easy and cost-effective way to keep Hampton Roads lawns looking their best. Our expert landscaping teams have years of experience providing top-notch lawn renovation services that will leave your entire yard green and healthy. Don’t let a bad spot on your lawn mean the end of perfect grass – reach out today for more information on how even just a little bit of restoration can make a world of difference.

– Hampton Roads’s premier sod installation service

– High quality turf and grass varieties grown in perfect soil conditions

– Experienced professionals who know the best way to install your sod

– Cost effective solutions that save time and money

– Professionally maintained lawns that look beautiful all year long

– Quick turnaround from start to finish so you can enjoy your new lawn sooner

Preparing your lawn

Did you know that there are many things to do before we actually lay the sod, or drop seed in the ground? We also grade your lawn so that it’s nice and smooth and easy to mow. 

We’ll also tear out your old grass (or weeds) and prepare the soil for the new grass to go down. Lawn renovation is more than just putting down some grass! Call us for a free consultation to find out what would work best for your lawn.