• We source from multiple farms for tall fescue and each of our farms have standards of testing and certification that they pass with flying colors.
  • Our fields are regularly inspected by the Virginia Crop Improvement Association to ensure quality and purity.
  • Tall Fescue‘s heat and shade tolerance paired with the color, density and durability of Kentucky Bluegrass ensure a beautiful green lawn year-round.
Tall Fescue Grass Hampton Roads

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Characteristics of Tall Fescue Grass in Hampton Roads

  • It is a cool-season grass and prefers cooler temperatures, but can still tolerate higher temperatures.
  • It has good disease resistance and can tolerate both drought and flood conditions.
  • It grows in a dense manner, forming a thick mat that can resist foot traffic.
  • It is relatively low maintenance; it only needs to be mowed every other week in the summer and every week in the spring, and fertilized 2–3 times per year.
  • It has a deep root system, which helps with soil erosion control.
  • Tall Fescue is also resistant to most types of pests and diseases, making it an ideal choice for any lawn.
  • It does not really spread like Bermuda grasses. So if you want it to grow in your yard, make sure to add seed every year.

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Tall Fescue stays green during the winter

Tall Fescue grass is beneficial because it stays green during the winter, whereas other types of grasses will become dormant or go dormant with cold weather. These other grasses are more of a warm weather grass, and turn brown in the winter.

Examples of Tall Fescure Lawns in Virginia

Here are a few examples of lawns with Tall Fescue grass:

  • The University of Richmond in Virginia has a picturesque campus which features a large area covered with tall fescue grass.
  • Gig Harbor in Washington is home to many yards and gardens featuring tall fescue grass.
  • In Charlottesville, Virginia, the historic Manor House Estate features lush green lawns with Tall Fescue grass.
  • The Fairfax County Government Center in Virginia is landscaped with striking landscapes featuring wide swaths of Tall Fescue grass.

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