• Centipede is one of the lowest maintenance of all warm season grasses. 
  • Because centipede is “low growing,” it does not have to be mowed as often as other types of grass. 
  • Centipede is rather drought tolerant, and when healthy, is aggressive enough to choke out weeds and other grasses. 
  • It is tolerant of full sun, some shade, and does not need frequent fertilizing.

Centipede grass is a more drought-tolerant grass than Fescue, so it can withstand dry and hot summers better. It also does not require as much mowing and fertilizing as Fescue grass, making it simpler to maintain. Additionally, centipede grass has a finer leaf texture and lighter color than other varieties of turfgrass, giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Centipede also resists pests, diseases, and weeds better than other types of grass, making it ideal for warm climates that experience high humidity and rainfall.

Centipede Grass

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Centipede Keeps Out Weeds

Centipede grass is known for its thick and dense turf that can effectively block out unwanted weeds. Its wide blades, which grow horizontally and slightly inwards, create a strong barrier to prevent the growth of most weeds. Centipede grass also has a shallow root system which aids in keeping out weeds and provides better water penetration and absorption into the soil than other types of grass. As a result, it is more resistant to drought and requires less water than other turfgrasses.

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