• Medium to wide blade
  • Closer to the color of fescue (more blue-green)
  • Cold tolerant
  • Heartier
  • Not as shade-tolerant but not compromising to successful planting
Centipede Grass

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Benefits of Innovation Zoysia Sod

Drought Tolerant: Innovation Zoysia sod is highly drought-tolerant. It can survive with minimal water, making it an excellent choice for regions with water restrictions or dry climates.

Salt Tolerant: This type of sod is also salt-tolerant, making it suitable for coastal areas where the soil may have higher salt content.

Pest Resistant: Innovation Zoysia is known for being resistant to many common lawn pests. This resistance can reduce the need for pesticides, making your lawn safer and more eco-friendly.

Thick, Luxurious Texture: Innovation Zoysia sod provides a thick, carpet-like lawn with a beautiful dark green color. Its fine texture makes it comfortable underfoot.

Low Maintenance: Once established, Innovation Zoysia requires less maintenance compared to other grass types. It needs less mowing due to its slow growth rate.

Innovation Zoysia sod is a great choice for homeowners looking for a durable, low-maintenance lawn. Its high drought and salt tolerance make it versatile for various environments, from arid regions to coastal areas. The sod’s pest resistance reduces the need for harmful pesticides, contributing to a healthier environment. Not only is it robust and easy to care for, but Innovation Zoysia also provides a lush, green carpet-like appearance that enhances the aesthetic of any landscape.