Smithfield, Virginia

We are thrilled to extend our high-quality lawn care services to the residents of Smithfield, ensuring your lawns bloom with health and beauty, just like your beloved town.

Historical District: Smithfield’s historical district is a living testament to the town’s rich past, and United Turf is committed to maintaining the lush lawns that add to its charm. We employ special care to ensure these lawns maintain their green allure, while respecting the history that lies beneath each blade of grass.

Residential Areas: Smithfield’s tranquil residential neighborhoods are the perfect setting for United Turf’s expertise. We ensure your lawns are the talk of the town — a lush green oasis enhancing the beauty of your home.

Waterfront Regions: The waterfront regions of Smithfield offer a unique beauty of their own. At United Turf, we’re no strangers to the challenges that coastal lawns face, and our specialized services ensure the greenery by the water stays vibrant, healthy, and inviting.

So, whether you’re situated in the heart of the historic district, enjoying the serenity of residential life, or basking in the calm of the waterfront, United Turf is your trusted partner for all things lawn care in Smithfield, Virginia. Reach out to us today, and let us transform your lawn into a green spectacle that’s as extraordinary as your legendary hams! With United Turf, a greener, healthier lawn is just a dial away. Trust us, your lawn will be the ham of the town!